Like that of the Coral

by Warren Buckler

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All songs written, arranged and produced by Warren Buckler.


released February 28, 2010

Additional Musicians:

Kristen dela Serna - Vocals
IG88 - "Fallen"



all rights reserved


Warren Buckler Chicago

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Track Name: Arlington Place
And bring me anew
Bring about unrecognized adventures
And let us share them
Blissfully, she's distant, but I can imagine lucidly
It feels touchable
And when it isn't so, I am certain it will be soon
This word an incentive
For a spark, a spark that is vital for self happiness

And what about the memories
Waiting their turn, I only hope for one fate of the future
To perceive each other
No further than Milwaukee to Arlington
Where our existence will be poetic
Track Name: Like that of the Coral
Step into another view
become involved in red
The intentions will fall
And graze what is left

The motivation of
the human or lack of
Years of content are here
Begin to shape into one
Track Name: Look Again, It's Magnificent
I knew my eyes didn’t blind me
Continue to make it worst
Where does it lead
The path of the insignificant
It’s the words that guide me
What can I do now
The course seems to find me
It will bloom, beautifully

And it's me I see again
I bleed for you again

It’s what it claims to be
Isn’t that the ideal thought
The games are worthless
Like the life of the fly
I know it can be different
Look again, it’s magnificent
I know it can be different
It will bloom, beautifully

And it's me I see again
I bleed for you again
Track Name: Libra
Can you follow the predicted idea
It controls the thought and the life
The world owns everything
Is it that the power you hold will weaken
Ignore this, the sight should be all right

The hills are so beautiful and so is the sand
But it shouldn’t be buried in lies
Is it that hard, does the dream limit you
Is it okay now, is Libra balanced

Listen closely
You can hear it through meditation
Concentrate on the beliefs
The remembrance of everything
So please redirect yourself
Is the criticism too much
Make the amends on the inside
And the good and bad will understand
Track Name: Fallen (Feat. IG88)
Fallen through the mainstream
Focus remains absent
Fallen into line of army
Focus remains buried

Contained by convenience
Creativity is distant
Contained by words of control
Creativity is furthest
Track Name: Enhance the Machine like Surroundings
In armor of the future
By design, submerge yourself
Track Name: Pattern of Foreign Routine
Today's random guest seems less empty
In fact, I find it insightful
The mark of routine now provides advice
Gives me change to free myself
And repeats in certainty

The walk home seems more promising today
The contents haven't changed I'm certain of this
And the sun has shined for five straight weeks
I think today it maybe sunnier
The effects are uplifting